Hardwood flooring can make your next home project that much more exciting!

Many factors make people lean towards hardwood floor, but there are 5 common reasons.

  1. Many factors make Hardwood Flooring a go-to option for many people, and one of the main reasons is its cleaning ability. Unlike carpet, there is no dirt or germs that can hide in the carpet, as long as you sweep and mop on occasion, the floor will stay clean. Sweeping and mopping with a damp mop are all you need for general wood maintenance. Spot cleaning can be done with gentle cleaners made for hardwood flooring. You can even vacuum hardwood floors, but choose a vacuum without a beater bar or one with a hard floor mode that doesn’t engage the bar.
  2. Hardwood Flooring is timeless, and can be used in any areas whether its a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or even a dining room. Hardwood flooring can even be used in basements, because they can be more water resistant than most other flooring options.  How to choose hardwood flooring for your home?
  3. Hardwood floors wear very well. Whether you have pets, kids, or just yourself walking around your house, hardwood floor can be very durable. If you use proper protectant for floor sealer, the floors can last years.
  4. Hardwood floors are able to be refinished upwards of 7 times before needing to be replaced! This makes hardwood life span significantly longer due to being able to be refinished, which can make them look brand new again!
  5. Hardwood floors hold up well with pets! Whether you have a dog that sheds, pet that are messy eaters, with hardwood floor it makes the clean up easier! With the proper protectant and care, you hardwood floor can hold up for a long time even with pets.

Value in choosing hardwood

The long-term value of hardwood flooring is worth the cost that you pay when you first purchase the item, according to most homeowners and professionals. The longevity and simplicity of upkeep of hardwood flooring will decrease cleaning and repair expenditures in the long run, which is extremely helpful towards both yourself and your home’s value.

Prospective homebuyers dislike carpet, especially carpet that belongs to someone else because they are easily stainable and they attract and contain all kinds of dirt over time. That is why hardwood flooring and underfloor heating are highly sought-after features in real estate. These kinds of features in flooring may considerably increase the sale speed of your home, if you plan on selling it and moving to a different home in the future.

The flooring that you choose has a great impact on various aspects of your home. Your selection of the floors for your home can heavily affect your home’s aesthetics, structural integrity and future value. With that being said, throughout the process of choosing the flooring for you and your home, you must do your research and indulge in the information of all the types of floors that are available on the market. If you are having a bit of trouble deciding which type to choose, the safest and most common option that most homeowners tend to lean towards is hardwood flooring.