Vinyl Flooring Peterborough

When walking across vinyl flooring, the material stretches or has some bounce to it, which is why this type of flooring is also known as resilient flooring. Vinyl floors are often utilized in high traffic areas, as they come in a variety of colours and designs and are extremely durable.

Vinyl Flooring Peterborough
Vinyl Flooring Peterborough
Vinyl Flooring Peterborough

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Why Choose Vinyl For Your Floors

Vinyl flooring is a softer, lower maintenance flooring option that can withstand the abuse from high levels of foot traffic, and looks stunning at the same time.


Vinyl flooring is softer than hardwood, natural stone or any other hard flooring material and it has some flex to it. Making it more comfortable on your feet and back as well as reduces fatigue when standing for a long period of time.


Vinyl flooring is easy to care for, sweep, vacuum, or mop any dirt, debris, or spills without any worries. Its resistance to moisture means you don’t need to worry about your mop being too damp or having to dry your floors after mopping.

Easy To Install

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for Do It Yourselfers as it is fairly easy to install. You can install vinyl flooring right over your subfloor and in some cases, you can even install vinyl flooring directly on top of your old flooring. Saving you the step of removing the old floor.

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