Pebble Tile Peterborough

Pebble tile is perfect for any area of your home you desire a natural look. Whether you are trying to create a tropical resort-style shower or if you are looking to enrich the character of a walkway, natural pebble tile will provide a one of a kind appearance, that is sure to wow!

Pebble Tile Peterborough
Pebble Tile Peterborough
Pebble Tile Peterborough

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Why Choose Pebble Tile For Your Floors

Gorgeous and versatile, pebble tiling is a perfect flooring option for any space in or around your home that you are looking to incorporate a natural look.


Pebble tiles can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them indoors or outdoors, they can be utilized as the main flooring material, or as a complementary material, they can be used on floors, walls, or backsplashes. You can even use the same style of pebble tile to create a hook between different rooms and living spaces in and around your home.


Unlike manufactured porcelain or ceramic tiles that can be 100% identical to each other, no two natural stone pebble tiles are the exact same. Each stone pebble has its own shape and distinctive mineral veins. For this reason, each project will have a unique earthy and natural look.


Most pebbles are naturally smooth from having continuous currents rolling over them. This is why pebble tiles have a smooth surface you can comfortably stand on. They are however also fairly slip-resistant. Each individual pebble has its own unique texture, these textures are made up of quartz and other mineral veins and provide sufficient slip resistance, even when wet.

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