In 2024, home design trends are changing faster then ever, so when making a big
decision for your home has become more nerve wracking then ever. One staple that
has remained the same though has been hardwood flooring. People still feel confident
when selecting hardwood flooring. So, why are people loving hardwood floors still after
all these years? In this blog we will dive into why hardwood remains a top pick.

1. Classic Charm: There has always been a classic charm when it comes to hardwood
flooring. It carries a timeless look that rarely ever goes out of style. No matter what kind
of vibe you are going for with your home, hardwood floors a good option.

2. Tough as Nails: Hardwood flooring has been known for being one of the tougher
flooring options. Whether you have big dogs, messy kids, or get a lot of traffic in certain
areas of your home, hardwood flooring typically can handle it.

3. Green and Clean: Hardwood flooring is made of wood, who would of thought!
Because of this, hardwood flooring is eco-friendly and does not create more waste. If
your hardwood flooring is sourced responsibly, it can be a very eco friendly option for
your home.

4. Healthy Home, Happy You: Some flooring options like carpet can absorb germs and
different bacteria in your home. Hardwood flooring is a easy to clean flooring option,
which means its easier to get rid of all those nasty germs that can collect on the floors of
your homes.

So, These 4 reasons play a huge factor into why people in 2024 are still selecting
hardwood flooring. It carries a classic charm, can withstand the wear and tear, they are
eco-friendly, and create a healthy home. Interested in learning more? Our team in
Peterborough is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding Hardwood
Flooring, connect with one our team members today to get started!