Purchasing and installing new carpeting in your home or office can come with a few challenges, one of these challenges is choosing the right type of carpet. If you are considering replacing or installing carpet in your home or business, you should consider three important factors – durability, weight, and style of your carpeting. These three factors can make or mar your carpeting.

Here, we will explain what you need to know about durability, weight, and style of carpeting.


When you want to select a carpet, you need to start by considering its durability. Basically, durability is all about how long your carpet will last without losing its appearance. For a carpet to be durable, the following elements must be of good quality:

1. Fiber

Generally, synthetic or natural fiber is used for making a carpet. The fiber can be used to produce surface/pile or just converted into yarn and tufted. As long as the fiber used for making your carpet is high quality, you can rest assured that it will be durable.

2. Density

Density refers to the number of piles found inside the carpet as well as the closeness of the tufts. Notably, carpets with high density are better and stronger than those with lower density.

You can ascertain the density of a carpet by pressing your fingers on it. If you can reach the backing easily, then the carpet is not very dense, if you are not able to feel the backing, then the carpet is dense and more durable.

3. Twist

This is the method of spinning the fiber filaments of a carpet into yarn and twisting the yarn on itself. When fiber is twisted tightly, it will be difficult for it to lose its original texture and appearance. Consequently, it will be more durable.


The second important factor to consider when selecting carpeting is weight. Generally, the weight helps you know the number of fibers available in a carpet. When a carpet has lots of fibers, it will be heavier. Hence, you can determine the quality of carpets by comparing their overall weight.

It should be noted that the purpose of the carpeting should be considered. If you need the carpet for residential purposes, its weight should range from about 35 to 60 ounces. However, you should note that higher weight does not necessarily mean higher quality.


Lastly, you need to think about the carpet styles. The three most common types of carpet styles are:

1. Cut pile

When it comes to durability, cut pile carpet is one of the best styles of carpeting. This style is usually recommended for places with high foot traffic. It features tightly twisted, high-density fibers that are highly resilient. Cut pile carpet comes in different styles and can be plush and frieze or velvet and shag.

2. Loop pile

Another common style of carpet is known as loop pile. This style has fibers with unexposed tips; hence, it comes with some sort of loop. Loop pile style has tightly bound fibers that are strong, durable, and capable of withstanding lots of foot traffic. Notably, the fibers of a loop pile carpet can be at the same or different heights.

5. Cut-loop pile

As the name rightly suggests, a cut-loop pile is a type of carpet that boasts of the features of the two other types. As a result of this, cut-loop pile carpet is available in numerous colours, surface textures, and patterns.