Carpeting has been a staple flooring option for a long time, homeowners enjoy the versatility and comfort of carpeting. However, maintaining your carpets can be quite stressful because they are susceptible to wear-and-tear and staining. There is no need to worry about having dingy looking carpets, or the value of your home dropping because your carpeting is not in tiptop condition. You can maintain your carpets and enjoy the benefits of your capets for years to come.

Ready to keep your carpet looking fresh and new? Here’s how to improve the life of your carpet.

1. Regular Vacuuming

Cleaning and routine maintenance is the best way to keep your carpet in great shape for its lifespan. Vacuum regularly to get rid of dirt and bacteria that can damage your carpet fibers. Use only carpet-friendly cleaning materials to avoid damaging the carpet’s quality or causing it to fade faster than it should.

2. Clean spills and stains instantly

When there are stains, smudges, and spills on your carpet, it is important to attend to them immediately. Clean up any spills on the carpet to prevent it from settling into the material and leaving a permanent discoloration. The longer you leave a spill or stain, the harder it is to get out of the carpet. If you need to use harsh cleaning agents to remove set in stains, they may actually cause more damage to your carpet. Be cautious and conscious about cleaning all stains on your carpet regularly.

3. Make sure your carpet pads are well-fitted

When you step on a carpet, it should feel cushioned. However, after months or years of use, it may start feeling ‘thin’ to walk on the carpet. Carpet pads are what create the cushioned feeling, they lay beneath the carpet and add a barrier between the subfloor and the carpeting. Your carpet pads must always be well-fitted to cover the exact floor space that the carpet covers. The padding keeps the strain of movement off the carpet and allows it to last longer.

4.Invest in a carpet protector

After cleaning your carpet, it is important to apply a carpet protector to make sure your carpets stay clean. The protector also increases the life of the carpet by minimizing the effects of long term use.

5. Make your home a shoe-free zone

The most essential thing to make sure your carpets last as long as you would expect it to, is to apply a shoe-free rule in your home, or at least, on all the carpeted areas. Rough soles, heels, and other parts of shoes can wear into the material of your carpet and reduce its longevity.

Carpets can last up to 10-20 years and with these tips and habits, you can maintain your carpet for the estimated lifespan and keep your home’s interior looking gorgeous! Focus Flooring offers amazing carpet designs and professional installations, contact us to get the best carpeting for your home.