If you are looking for the perfect home improvement project to give your home a new look, installing hardwood flooring may be the right project for you to invest in. Hardwood flooring adds a classic and vintage style to your home while offering a high level of functionality. In addition, there are so many colour and stain options to choose from. To make sure you choose the right option for your home, keep reading below to find out the top hardwood colours and stains for 2021.

1. Cool and Dark-Coloured Wood

Choosing cool and dark-coloured wood flooring is one of the most popular choices. This style offers a classic modern look that adds a dramatic effect to the interior aesthetics of any home. In addition, dark-coloured hardwood flooring also can also be used to complement the existing interior design in your home, such as dark cabinets and white furniture. \

2. Gray-Coloured Wood

Gray-coloured hardwood flooring has a neutral tone that is widely desired by homeowners who want a calming effect and a touch of serenity in their homes. Over the years, there have been several variations of gray tones that work well with different colour shades such as dark brown, blue-gray or beige. Gray-coloured hardwood tends to look best with cool and modern designs as it helps to bring warmth into the space while complementing the existing feel.

3. White-Washed Wood

White-washed hardwood flooring is another popular hardwood flooring option in 2021. It is available in a matte finish and offers a clean and fresh look, best suited for modern or contemporary styles. When choosing a white-washed wood, it’s best to consider a lighter wood such as white oak, which can be easily stained. In addition, using a lighter wood helps to create a more traditional, grainy look.

4. Blonde-Coloured Wood

Another wood stain you can consider for hardwood flooring is blonde-coloured wood. This lighter shade of wood helps to make any room feel lighter, brighter and reflect the natural light. The wood’s lighter shade helps to blend with a wide range of colours and finishes. In addition, blonde-coloured wood is lower maintenance and helps to hide damages and dirt better than dark or gray wood.

5. Honey or Copper-Toned Wood

Hardwood flooring made with honey or copper-toned wood is very similar to blonde-coloured wood. Because of its light tone it also makes any room appear bigger and more open. It is also a neutral shade that can blend easily with whatever existing decor you have in your home.


Investing in the right color and stain of hardwood flooring is important for your home. It can add to your overall theme, style and ultimately make your home more aesthetically pleasing.