What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring – LVP?

Why is Luxury Vinyl Flooring becoming so popular?

LVP (also known as Luxury Vinyl Planks) are interlocking plank-like flooring, that replicates the look and feel of traditional hardwood flooring. LVP is very low maintenance and, with its high durability require very little LVP Flooringto no maintenance! Another upside to LVP, is they are waterproof, so if you have a dog that splashes its water out of its bowl non-stop or have a sink or bathroom that leaks, LVP is your go-to option.

LVP is also available in endless varieties of colours and wood shades, which has made it one of the most popular options for flooring as of late! Another upside to LVP, they are fairly simple to install and do not require underlayment like many other flooring options, which can speed up the installation time. The luxury vinyl planks lock together, making them simple to install on a flat layout.

How long does LVP last?

Expert Recommends: The Ideal Flooring For Your KitchenDue to the durability and thickness of the planks, it dramatically increase the lifetime of the flooring. Typically, LVP flooring can last anywhere from 10-20 years depending on the location of the flooring, and thickness installed.

Pros and Cons of LVP

For any type of flooring you install, there are pros and cons. The pros to LVP are they are waterproof, extremely durable with little to no maintenance, easy to install, endless colour way opportunities. The cons to LVP flooring are they can show discoloration when in direct sun for to long.

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